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Marcela Gómez
CEO / Partner
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Ann Gillespie
COO / Partner

CST is driven by our passion to help organizations achieve equity and inclusion and ultimately remove barriers to human potential and performance.  Each CST member has experienced what it's like to be a member of a minority group that is excluded, an afterthought, with assumptions made based on identity. 


The team knows how deeply these behaviors impact organizations and their brands. What is more, CST members also benefit from the privileges of being members of majority groups that hold power in some way.


CST firmly believes that change for the greater good comes when people who have the power extend privilege to those who do not, and when historically underrepresented communities are empowered to create spaces that include them. 


CST knows they are not alone in seeking the change that breaks down barriers of human potential.  Companies seeking inclusion and equity -- those organizations who know that it is time to make the shift -- are the real change agents. CST is here to accelerate that change.

Robert L. Wilson
CSO / Partner